A Blog is Not Something I Ever Really Wanted to Do

…in fact, I used to think that unless you have something truly useful or important to say, the use of blogs is a little narcissistic. After all, you’re assuming that your thoughts are worthy of being broadcast to the masses: that people want to read your diary.

But blogs aren’t just diaries anymore; I think the concept has fractured a bit, into both a “diaristic mode” (i.e., whatever’s going on in my life) and a “subject based mode”, where the blogger speaks to a single theme with each post (i.e., a freelance designer talking about her work experiences, or an equipment rental house posting about the latest new gear).

Both modes can be valid, and many blogs are a mix of the two. And while narcissism may be involved, it doesn’t mean someone won’t find value in what you have to say. It seems that the content, rather than the mode, is the determining factor of whether or not a blog is worth someone’s time.

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